Give Love

Being on Social Media as long as I have, I came across so many things. Whether it is negative or positive. I don’t want to say that I’ve seen more negative because some will say that the negative weighs out the positive because of how much more it affects a person. And from experience, I agree.

I started social media at 10 years old and I never tried to censor myself from negative things, I just never came across it. It was always between my facebook games, youtube,, etc. Then as I grew, I became more aware of cyberbullies. However, as each year passes, I’d discover a new level of cyberbullying. From calling someone fat, to actually sending death threats.

It shocks me how people find joy in scaring others. The death threats aren’t even towards me, but I can’t even imagine what the targeted person is going through. Words really do hurt because we are in a generation where our mental health is not good at all. Our thoughts already put us down negatively. So when someone says your exact thoughts out loud, it makes it worse for you.

Our mind is our worse enemies and the haters on the outside world are like their minions.

Bullying, of course, started off in one place but it depends on how someone reacts. I was bullied all through elementary school and middle and I just decided that I would not want someone to go through what I went through and be kind to people. I gave people a chance. I step into their shoes to see where they are coming from. I would never judge someone’s character or appearance because you never know what they are going through.

However, some people aren’t like me. They get bullied and decide to take it out on others. Many can’t do that in person, so they have to hide behind a screen and bully someone who they do not know. It’s understandable. But people have to realize that it’s best to give love than to give hate. Your comment about how someone’s smile is too big just made them stop smiling ever. Did you comment on someone’s weight loss and how they look like they’ve been taking drugs? Well, he passed away from colon cancer after 2 years. You have no right to speak on someone’s life, just because you don’t like it. At the end of the day, when a person changes themselves for society, it drains them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I remember a letter my “friends” wrote to me in the 6th grade and they mentioned how I smiled so much, and it made me look weird. I was never as insecure about my teeth until then. So now I rarely grin unless I’m having a good laugh. I also remember making fun of me for how to walk, after I stopped wanting to walk in front of people, til this day I’m still insecure about the way I walk. Words stay with people forever and I would know.

If you are someone who finds joy in hurting people, how about you find another hobby, maybe a job? It’s very unnecessary to waste your time just to hurt someone because when that someone decides to escalate things, you can be held accountable.

And if you see someone going through a hard time, be that one person to give love rather than hate. Trust me, you are going to feel so good on the inside. If you’re going through a hard time, push through it and don’t let your thoughts push you to hate yourself. Fight your negative thoughts and think positive.

Remember to always give love. If you want the world around you to get better, start within yourself, and you will see a change!

One thought on “Give Love

  1. Molly @ Transatlantic Notes says:

    This is a lovely reminder to be cognizant of what we put out into the world — it comes back to us eventually so those who do nothing but spend their time being hateful must have truly sad, painful lives. I wish them healing but it’s such a cold thing to do to go out of your way to be unkind to someone else. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

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