We are Angry!

I am angry. I’m angry because ‘Born this Way’, would be blasting in everyone’s car, yet they still have a problem with the color of someone’s skin. Just a color. Someone can be educated, gentle, no criminal history, but once they see the color of your skin, they will see you as a threat.

I never will understand why people are racist. A person of color will do them wrong years ago, and they will take their anger out on the next POC they see. They literally have a gang for hating black people. I have no clue what they do in their rituals, and I never want to know.

Living in today, feels…surreal. Our President just threatened to shoot the people protesting. Protesting to keep their lives, you know what that reminded me of? How foreign countries treat their people. Trump became president and took advantage of his leadership, he wanted war, well now he has it. He wants to threaten the people who are scared of losing their lives everyday, of course they’re going to be angry. Does he think he can say that and not expect people to come to the White House.

This whole thing started because a cop, killed someone in broad daylight, in front of people. He knew people were recording. And that! Was not an accident, other, 1. If he realized Mr. Floyd was no longer struggling, he would’ve been up to check to see if he was still alive and 2. Once the other cop checked his pulse and after hearing people say that he was dead, he should have been up! But no he just stayed there, pinning a dead man down, like he was going to come back alive and fight them….in hand cuffs.

And what do they do with him? Hide him, lie and say that he was in custody, the mugshot is not even of him. Lie and say that in the autopsy, George Floyd had a heart disease, and that’s how he died. No sign of physical abuse? The had Mr.Floyd in the cop car before taking him out and pinning. If you saw the video, they had him in the car, started beating him, two cops maybe three while one stands on the side. That one noticed a camera, glanced at it and told the other cops there was a camera, that’s when they took him out to kill him.

If you do some more research, Mr. Floyd and his murderer worked together before. They worked as security guards at a Latin night club. I’m not sure what went down with the both of them, but that shows that he had a motive. The owner stated Mr. Chauvin had a problem with NOT using a weapon to keep the rowdy customers under control, that’s why they let him go. As a police officer, who’s been working in the force for about 19 years, you’d think he’d know how to keep hisself under control.

After the riot found his house he fled to Orlando Florida, yeah like that was going to stop us from finding him. Soon after they found his Florida him, the media came out with a mugshot, from the moment I saw, I realized that did NOT look like…like at all. If you look closely, Mr. Chauvin has a longer face than the guy in the mugshot, and if you look at the hairline, you know there’s a huge difference. Mr. President…Police Department…we are NOT stupid!

I would also like to speak about the looting. All of you saying that it is unnecessary…but I am seeing people that look just like you stealing from those stores also. Also before we started rioting, we kneeled…but y’all still got offended. So at this point we don’t care what you think about what is necessary or not. Don’t forget about the times y’all for yall favorite sports team losing…or winning. Did y’all forget that y’all rioted for wanting a hair cut? Now y’all want to stay inside right? What kills me, is that they brough weapons to the protest, and I have not seen anything about the police tear gassing everyone, or of any arrest. But at the beginning of our protest, we were very peaceful, but we still got arrested, mased, teargassed and also set up!

Seeing the amount of POC and the people supporting the Black Lives Matter movement makes me feel happy that we are finally fighting TOGETHER for what we want. Some may not agree with the people lotting, but I can agree to some extent to what they are saying. People are stealing from stores, just because. They don’t step out of their houses unless they hear that their local target or Gucci store is getting looted. People. remember what we are fighting for.

Remember what they have done to our people. Do not take advantage of this to get a “Birkin Bag” or the new iPhone. Fight for your freedom. Being born in the Country that we are in as Black People, we are BORN to fight, no matter what.

If you need to let your anger out, do it in the most safest way. The cops are setting protestors up to get them arrested, deported and even sending some to Psychwards. Be cognizant when you are protesting. Wear gas masks, having your running sneakers on, carry Mace with you.

Down below are links you can go to to donate and sign petitions for Racial Justice.

George Floyd Memorial Fun

More Links to Donate to Victims, Protestors, Black Owned Businesses, etc

Justice For Breonna Taylor

Justice For Ahmaud Arbery

More Links to Sign Petitions


2 thoughts on “We are Angry!

  1. Lay Jordan (@simplylayxx) says:

    I understand exactly what you mean. The entire situation is sickening but what’s more sickening is how people are making jokes out of this or making irrational excuses. I’m so angry and the thing is people make it feel like we don’t have the right to be and ask “why can’t you protest it peacefully” when for years people have been doing that such as kneeling instead of standing for the flag and they found that wrong too. Basically, it’s like there’s no winning 😒

    Really well-written post 💕, the only thing I would’ve included is clarifications on the black lives matter movement since some people still don’t get it.


    • rikkybblog says:

      I totally agree with you! I will be doing updates with new things I’ve learned about this issue. And you’re incredibly right, Colin Kaepernick kneeled peacefully. The Star Spangled Banner was written by a SLAVE OWNER, someone who beat our ancestors just for being black. Why should black people be forced to stand for it if it’s goes completely against us? Land of the free? We are nowhere near free. Hopefully people look at these Riots and Protests and realize that we are really fighting to become equal

      Liked by 1 person

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